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Vancouver Snowy Day

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Even though we are in Canada, Metro Vancouver is not known as a city with heavy snowfall. We usually only get a week or so of snowfall throughout the winter, and when it happens, usually chaos ensues. We are not used to snow, so most of the cars do not have winter tires. Traffic occurs here and there, people are stuck at home, and train and bus schedules are in shamble, completely different from another part of Canada that is used to heavy snow.

These are some scenes during snowfall last winter 2022-2023. Not many people or cars on the road. I took this shot from inside a moving car, and yes, we did not expect it to be this hard to drive (we are metro Vancouver implant after all). You couldn't really see the road, and it was very slippery and hard to navigate.

But the snow gave this ethereal look and feeling. The powdery snow that stays on the trees, the cool breeze that freezes time, there is something about it that made me fall in love again and again with winter.

And when the snow sets, it's a completely fun day for Vancouverites. We brought our toboggan or even ski to the nearest park with a slope. We are just having fun, celebrating this (probably) twice-in-a-year occurrence.

But all the good things must come to an end, leaving us with melted and dirty snow, until it is completely gone.

road with bus stop and trees, covered in snow,at Burnaby Mountain, British Columbia

And just like that, snowy days ended, the season changed, and we were looking forward to next winter.

See you later and see you soon, snowy day! Looking forward to seeing you again.


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