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Welcome to teawithmiranti!


As you can guess, I am Miranti, and I love tea. Ice tea, to be exact (don't judge me, I live on the equator, we survive the heat thanks to ice tea). Tea is also how to pronounce the last syllable of my name, so it's a match made in heaven.

This website is where I showcase some of my works since I do a tiny little bit of photography. I do a lot of street photography and some commissioned works. I enjoy taking detailed shots as well as indulging the space to breathe. And yes, I am currently based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

You can also read some of my adventures in life in my blog section. Please do not expect too much technical discussion on photography because my life is already too complicated to only discuss technique. Rather, you will find some rambling about anything.

In the end, I am happy to receive any input or constructive comments or collaboration opportunities. Feel free to drop your message in my Instagram DM or e-mail inbox.


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