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Utrecht Overvecht

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

A few months ago, I visited my aunt who lives in Utrecht. I stayed over her place for a few nights at Overvecht, a suburb on the north of Utrecht city center. It is a residential area with lots of public space and only 1 train stop away from the city centre.

My aunt's place is only 5 minutes walk from the station. It is located in a compound of low rise buildings. To be very frank I didn't roam the area much, I only walk around the apartment, went to the supermarket (and bought lots of stroopwafels. I'm addicted!), and just walk around the neighbourhood. I do not think this area is for travelers or people who would like to "see" Utrecht, but it's a good area to find Airbnb since it's not too far from the city center and the neighbourhood is pretty quiet.

I was pretty lucky that during my last day in Utrecht/The Netherlands, the sky was blue and the weather very agreeable. Not too cold, and no rain as well (Gosh I wish during my whole trip to Europe the weather was as agreeable as when I was in Utrecht). With my trusty #fujifilm #x70 small camera, I took some shots here and there.

Here it is, #utrecht #overvecht from my eyes.



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