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Twenty twenty so far

(I know I still have four article drafts that hasn't published yet, but can't help it, I feel like posting this.)

Who would have thought 2020 would become like this? What happened (or is happening) this year is unprecedented, unpredictable, unimaginable, unbelievable, and another adjectives that I couldn't muster up. We all know the future is an unknown - uncharted area, but I never thought it would be this....weird.

A lot of my life plan was thrown away, flushed down to the drainage like that. But life is life. As a human being, there is nothing that we can do except surviving from all the s*** that life is throwing at us. And how I survive then? By keep on shooting and shooting, anything that I found interesting around my home or in the neighbourhood. Take it as my personal therapy to keep me sane.

And just like any other people in the world, how we conduct our daily necessities is changing drastically. Take the most basic thing like how we go out from home. Here (and most of the world, yes I'm flexing) majority of people wear mask when they go out. Pretty much all supermarkets and shopping area ask people to wear mask, wash or sanitise their hands first before coming into to premise, and have the visitor's body temperature taken. You know, the most basic and common precautionary thing that a public place could take during a pandemic like this. Face mask and hand sanitiser become a must bring in addition to wallet and mobile phone.

Every few week I go to supermarket to buy groceries and household necessities. This time, I bring also my small #fujifilm #xf10 camera to start documenting how life has been on month five of the pandemic. Here are some small snippet of the activity at the supermarket. I think I will continue doing shot of living during pandemic for a while.

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