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Scenes from self-quarantine (part 2)

Good news! I survived the self-quarantine, found a permanent place to stay, and started my courses already.

Now let's update this blog before I am swamped with deadlines. Part two of scenes from self-quarantine is an impromptu act in the middle of the night. I was awake at 2 AM, couldn't sleep, and suddenly an idea pop-up in my mind: a selfie of myself eating in front of the fridge. Why? Well, because I'm bored, and when you are bored, you often go to the fridge to find something, even though you know what's inside already. What other scenes that reflect boredom besides eating and checking the fridge?

So here it is, part 2 of my scenes from self-quarantine. The shots were taken in three different nights, that is why there have been differences in lighting or position. I also deliberately put the colour very warm to contrast it with part 1. Part 1 the scenes are during the day but the mood is more anguish, distant, while this one even though it is taken during the night, the mood is lighter, cheerful, playful, thus the warm tone.

Shots were taken with #fujifilm #xf10 pocket camera.

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