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Scenes from self-quarantine (part 1)

My decision to change my life path and (finally) study what I really want to study has been in limbo thanks to the pandemic. But the clock is ticking, and life goes on, after months of drama, I finally flew to the north (literally north) to study.

It is compulsory for everyone who comes to this country to do a 14-days self-quarantine, and they are really serious about this. My initial plan was to find a room in a shared house and use it for both quarantine and permanent place until next year. But guess what, it is forbidden to do quarantine in a place that is shared with other people (shared bathroom and shared kitchen) and unsurprisingly, the tenants here are following that rule rigorously. All my tenant application was rejected. Since I have to have accommodation to pass the immigration check, I finally use temporary accommodation for self-quarantine as recommended by my school. It is expensive AF, but I do not have any other options.

So since mid-August, I spent my days inside a hotel room, following the rule, and being a good newcomer to this country. I really enjoy the feeling of doing nothing and not in a rush, but boredom sometimes kicked in. Thus, these shots happened. I will divide the post of shots from self-quarantine into two parts since I have not finished my quarantine when this blog is published.

The first six photos were taken when I had my stomach cramps. I am too familiar with the agony, the constant pain for the whole day, the helpless feeling that makes you couldn't do anything for the whole day, and these shots represent that. The remaining shots are just random scenes that I took around the room.

That's all for today. Stay healthy and wear your mask.



All shots were taken with #fujifilm #xf10 compact kamera.



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