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Mariana and Alex

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

A few months ago I had the privilege to take the engagement shot of a good friend of mine, Mariana and her fiance Alex.

It was a very smooth collaboration with Mariana and Alex. Our shot process started with communication with Mariana on what kind of shot they would like to have. After I received some samples and looks, I created a short deck as a guide on how the shot would look like, possible location, pose, and outfit.

After we decided on the location, I scouted the place to get a better idea of the location. I took some shots of the location and shared them with Mariana and Alex.

Then we set the date and made sure the weather on the date selected was good enough (it's raincouver after all).

Here is the final look! Thank you for your trust in handling your engagement shot, Mariana and Alex. Hope you like the result :)



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