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Let's have some tea with Miranti!

Hello and welcome to teawithmiranti's first blog post.

To be very frank I am not sure how do you find this blog (let's assume that Google SEO is working like a charm), but in case you did arrive in this blog....enjoy your stay?

I am Miranti, the owner of this website/blog/portfolio (hence the title, teawithmiranti). Why teawithmiranti? Because I love tea (duh!). Ice tea, to be exact. And please don't judge me, cause ice tea is pretty much a 'staple' drink (if there is a thing called staple drink) in my culture. You will find ice tea pretty much EVERYWHERE you go, you can't escape the cold soothing taste of ice tea in this humid hot equator country.

And not only that. A decade ago, I was on an exchange program abroad and some of my friends had difficulty to pronounce the last syllable of my name (they keep on saying Di instead of Ti, probably because of how I say T that's a bit deeper so it sounds like D). So one of my friend said, "Oh, your name is like Mi like in Me, Ran like running, and Tea like the drink. Me-run-tea!" Hashtag truestroybro.

I do lots of things in life, like eating, sleeping, breathing, working-so-i-can-get-money-to-eat-and-sleep-properly, you know, humans. But I also do things like crafting, music, travelling, and photography. I do not specify this blog to discuss one thing only, but please expect the majority of the blog post to be about my trips and photography, with some ramble about life in general.

So, welcome to my online home. Feel free to ask me anything, please nothing too personal like my credit card number or tax file number. You can find me at ALL my instagram accounts (yup, I have 4 accounts, @mirantiaisyah for my street photography shots, @kalamalamtiba for my minimalist shots, @balingbalingkertas for my analog shots, and @teawithmiranti for my travel shots), my e-mail, snail mail, bird post, can phone, and any other communication device that you can think of. Looking forward to hear from you all.



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