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A friend of a friend was in need of a photographer to capture the scrumptiousness of her newly launch charcuterie business called Joycuterie. My friend referred me, and thus these shots happened.

I have to say though, Shadi and Sheyda, the owners of Joycuterie, did amazing job with their product. All the charcuterie board looks very pretty, appealing, colourful, and it was delicious as well!

As usual, before I went to their place and took the photos, I had a discussion with Shadi on the looks and the feel of the photo that she would like to achieve. She gave me some samples of photos that she liked, and we worked from there. I went to her place once to see the location, the props that she had (whether I need prepare to some props as well).

Few weeks after, I visited her place again, and here are the shots that I took!

Please be mindful that my comfortable domain of photography is street photography. But I love the art, I love capturing all the beautiful things in life. Whether product and food photography is something that I am not very familiar with, the essence of capturing and communicate certain message through visual is still there. Thus, it is a learning process as well for me.

So without further ado, please find some images that I captured. Please also have a look at Joycuterie website and instagram page.





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