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Ryan and Rosie

Being a street photographer means I am used to taking shot of what is happening around me. It is more of how I frame the scene that unravelled in front of my eyes. But taking a couple shot? In my perspective, it requires a whole different skill set. You need to have a good communication skill to make the comfortable. You need to have a good grasp of how to pose, on top of other skill such as good knowledge of lighting, composition, etc.

This is why I am eager to take more of couple shots, so I could learn and hone my skill that is not really explored when I am doing street photography. I was very lucky that two friends of mine, Ryan and Rosie, were willing to become my model!

So I started by thinking of the photo concept and this is where Pinterest became my best friend. I created a deck on what kind of look, pose, and theme that I would like to achieve. I would like to create an urban theme shots, something easy going, colourful, and fun.

I scouted the place, I had two places in my mind: Gastown and Mt Pleasant. I ended up choosing Mt Pleasant since it is less busy but has quite a lot of colourful mural. It also has some kind of industrial feeling, something that I am really fond of.

So here it is, a couple photography, taken around Mount Pleasant, Vancouver, BC. Thank you very much to the lovely couple, Ryan and Rosie, for your time! And please take a look at Ryan's instagram, his works are very very cool.

Tools used:

- Pinterest to gather some idea

- Google Slide to create a deck

- My lovely camera (Fujifilm X-T3 with lens XF56mm)

- Lightroom

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